Our textile factory is completely computerized: it allows us to keep our production constantly under control and, thanks to the knowledge of the machine's actual progress, we can get a delivery forecast of the fabrics in real time.

  Not only: our strong point, in which we have invested a great deal of our resources over the years, is the continuous development of our quality control area. In our textile factory, as well as the traditional methods for carrying out quality control on the materials, we have also been using computer checks for years which monitor on the looms for the entire progress chain of the product.

Using this methods, we can meet our customers’ delivery requirements  and allow them to check the productive and qualitative progress of their goods , consulting our data, received from the web.   Although we are a textile factory operating for third party, we evaluate the possibility of producing unbleached fabrics, requested by clients, thanks to a series of companies (warping and starching) which collaborate with us.  
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