The textile factory Nesi Fausto & Nesi Silvano S.n.c. was founded about fifty years ago as a textile factory for a third party, operating in the area around Prato.
Over time and thanks to continuous research into new technologies and working methods in order to stay up to date with the times, the textile factory grew, providing us today with an efficient, flexible structure with an excellent product quality.


The company covers an area of 2000 m², and it’s made up 44 looms Promatech Leonardo Silver, many of them setted up to work with double beam, all within a totally computerized context, thanks to the Omega technology for production management. 
All looms are constantly monitored from a computer that records every data about weaving and these data are available in real time.
The quality control area offers also a digital map of the fabrics, in order to get easily a detailed defect analysis.
The factory has moreover, thanks to the Stäubli Delta 110, a modern drawing-in department.
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